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Multiple jobs at Cybercrime Center in Finland

The National Bureau of Investigation, Cybercrime Center is a part of the Finnish Police. During spring 2018 the organisation seeks to hire new cybercrime experts to positions of investigation, intelligence and forensics.

Finland has a strong record in cybersecurity with being in the top three resilient nations against attacks agains public and private computer systems. Together with Israel and Sweden, the nordic country maintains a high level of capability of cyber security - top grade on the world.

A part of this is due to consistent industry and state cooperation. In the lastest move the Finnish Cybercrime Center has announced an opening of multiple locations as it seeks to bulk up capability of investigating and solving cybercrime. The country has gotten praise from other parties as well, including US President Donald Trump who started cooperation between the two countries. Russia, Finland's eastern neighbor is also a strong player in the area.

With a number of security companies such as Nixu, Tuxera and F-Secure, Finland has an opportunity to maintain a good position on the private market. Job seekers are advised to also look into public sector jobs at the national Cybersecurity Center - soon to be announced in the Spring of 2018.

Applicants can expect to be subject to a security clearance (Finnish Safety Reporting Act 726/2014). Suitable education is not defined, but the ideal candidates will have desired professional skills aswell as fluency in written and spoken English, Finnish or Swedish.

Written by Janita on Monday January 29, 2018
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