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Indie game My Summer Car hits 1.5 Million Euros worth of pre-orders

The game that tells a tale of the Finnish summer leisure, a project car and the cultural phenomenon related to it has proved to be a hit. The off-beat game concept with it's tongue-in-cheek implementation have attracted impressive pre-order sales on Steam.

Written by Janita on Tuesday November 29, 2016
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Finland sets target to a zero emissions economy by 2050

On November 24th 2016 the Finnish government published their energy and environment strategy. This provides an outlook to the country's future to the year 2050, when the country has moved to carbon neutral energy production.

Written by Janita on Thursday November 24, 2016
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Finnish alcohol monopoly Alko to deploy booze trucks

In Finland alcohol sales is strongly regulated. Beer and other less potent drinks are available from supermarkets, but strong spirits and wine are only available for purchase from government owned Alko outlets. In the turn of 2017 there will be some changes in legislation which weakens the position of the monopoly by opening up new product categories to other stores.

Written by Janita on Saturday November 12, 2016
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DDoS attack halts heating in Finland amidst winter

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack halted heating distribution at least in two properties in the city of Lappeenranta, located in eastern Finland. In both of the events the attacks disabled the computers that were controlling heating in the buildings.

Written by Janita on Monday November 7, 2016
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Finland preparing a radical car taxation reform to lower emissions

The Finnish government is said to be preparing a massive overhaul of the country's private car taxation system. The planned changes would remove the dreaded car tax and make significant changes to terms when companies are providing car benefits to employees.

Written by Janita on Saturday October 15, 2016
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Finland in mid-tier when it comes to European software developer salaries

In 2016 O'Reilly media conducted an online salary survey for software developers. The survey contained 72 questions about the developer's roles, tools and compensation. More than 1300 european software developers answered. According to the results Finland is in the mid-tier when it comes to salaries for software developers in Finland.

Written by Janita on Monday October 3, 2016
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"Finland could employ some 2000-3000 developers immediately"

In an interview of Tekniikka & Talous magazine, a start up investor says that Finland could employ 2000-3000 foreign developers right away. It is currently hard, if not impossible for a startup to employ a skilled software developers and the process for employing foreigners is simply too heavy.

Written by Janita on Monday September 26, 2016
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