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Record number of cruise passengers visit Helsinki in 2017

266 International cruise vessels visited Helsinki, Finland during the 2017 season. In total the number of visitors added up to 478 000, which is an all time record. The season started on May 3rd and ended on October 18th,

Written by Janita on Monday November 13, 2017
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My Summer Car game creator scores income of 580 000 Euros in 2016

My Summer Car is an off beat computer game where the player spends time building a summy car. There is also drinking beer and fishing as part of the simulator. The game may seem like a joke, but the creator of the game made some solid 580 000 Euro in 2016.

Written by Janita on Thursday November 2, 2017
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Current premium smartphones reasonably priced when compared to past devices

Many consider current premium mobile phones like the iPhone to be expensive. With some models going over 1000 Euro, they seem expensive compared to when you can have a virtually exact feature set at the 200 Euro price point. But compared to previous years the prices aren't that expensive.

Written by Janita on Tuesday October 31, 2017
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Amazon hiring in Finland

In August 2017 it was rumored that Amazon would be hiring in Finland. And indeed a year later the company is actively seeking employees for it's Lab126 division in Espoo. The move comes following other technology giants like Zalando and Zynga, who have set up technology centers in the nordic country.

Written by Janita on Sunday August 27, 2017
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MotoGP race in Finland confirmed for 2019

Holding a MotoGP series race is in Finland, on the new Kymi Ring race track has been rumored for quite some time. Now the race is confirmed to be on track for 2019.

Written by Janita on Wednesday August 2, 2017
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